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Conscious Living - Feb 12, 2013 13:00 - 0 Comments

The Secret To Being You.


This journal entry came from me wanting to share with others that even though it seems like very tough times at our current point in history, there is always a ray of light here for us to see that the sun is really shining behind those dark dreary clouds. Read more…

Business, Videos - Jan 15, 2013 0:00 - 0 Comments

Liv Warfield-Singer/Songwriter

Who could have guessed that a Track and Field star from Peoria Illinois would find her groove through karaoke and emerge as one of Portland’s leading divas of Soul? Yet that is precisely the path that took Liv Warfield from All-American gymnast to nomination for Soul Tracks’ “Best New Artist” award in 2008.

After relocating to Portland Oregon on an athletic scholarship, Warfield honed her musical chops at local joints like the Ambassador Lounge, training her voice with the same rigorous discipline she had cultivated for sports. Her dedication and drive paid off, leading her to capture the attention of a national audience with her vocal agility.

Read more…

Social Entrepreneurs - Jan 29, 2013 9:18 - 0 Comments

Entrepreneur’s Local Partnerships Help Kids Play

by Larry Abramson

Part of an occasional series on social entrepreneurs

Well over half the kids in this country don’t have easy access to a community playground. That bothered Darell Hammond so much, he started an organization to create places for children to play. So far, over nearly 15 years, the group has helped build more than 1,800 playgrounds.

The group is called KaBOOM! — why is obvious once you see the magical explosion erupting on a patch of asphalt behind a charter school in Philadelphia. Read more…

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