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Marketing Your Truth

Personal growth and alternative healing industries are booming with leaders who share Three Common Emotions: They are burned out from marketing, frustrated by the results, and disappointed when their message gets lost in translation.

That’s why Erin Donley started Marketing Your Truth, to help people communicate and connect with sincerity, clarity, and power in order to grow their business. Erin exemplifies this skill as the long-time author of New Renaissance Bookshop’s popular e-newsletter. Known as the “eyes and ears” of the spiritual hub of Portland, Erin is wildly appreciated for her inviting honesty and forward-thinking language about all things transformational.

Her weekly column brings huge financial returns to the store, puts authors, speakers, and healers on the map, and conveys bold messages about the potential for growth and healing.

For this reason, yoga studios, spiritual groups, inspirational authors, and a myriad of healers flock to Erin so that they can finally learn how to enjoy marketing and express their truth confidently. They become a voice for their business that is original and effective.

Erin Donley is a writer, speaker, and communications/marketing consultant who helps people to promote themselves with personality, originality, and power.
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In March 2010, Erin created a revolutionary event called “News That Makes a Difference,” where 100 non-traditional business leaders were invited to meet a panel of mainstream media personalities. Participants learned how the media works and how they can present their “hard to explain” services for more exposure and understanding.

If you’re ready to build community around your business, fine-tune your message, and promote yourself in ways that feel GOOD, check out Erin Donley at

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